Bear Mountain Ranch contains a rich diversity of wildlife and native plants. The ranch lies within an expansive wildlife area that is home to many unique species only found in the high desert.

The ranch's diverse habitat provides wildlife with valuable forage areas, food supplies, and essential migration routes.

It is the goal of Bear Mountain Ranch to maintain the natural state of the area and protect the land and its wildlife to the greatest possible extent. This is being accomplished by preserving large tracks of open space. Four hundred acres of the 1,400-acre master-planned project have been set aside, including a dedicated 350-acre corridor of natural vegetation to facilitate wildlife movement. When completed, over 55% of the land will remain in its natural state, helping to protect the area's flora and fauna for generations to come.

The golf course with its water hazards, including the five million-gallon Bear Mountain Lake, attracts use by deer, geese and other wildlife. More than 25 percent of the shorelines will be planted with native palatable grasses, trees and shrubs.