The Ranch property has been strategically assembled by Jerry Scofield, the visionary of Bear Mountain... parcel-by-parcel... since 1962. Today, it is one of the largest family-owned acreages in the state. With its incredibly beautiful location, it is not surprising the Lake Chelan area has been attracting visitors for over 100 years.

Jerry Scofield was lured by these same attractions and came to Lake Chelan in the late 50's from St. Louis. He initially developed 500 acres in Chelan, but later decided the land, that is now Bear Mountain Ranch, was where he wanted to be. In the early 1960's Jerry began to put the Ranch together by accumulating parcels of land, from the very beginning, he had a clear concept of what it could become.

During Jerry's 50 years as an entrepreneur, he has been involved in many other land projects around the globe. But his heart always remained at Bear Mountain Ranch. Jerry's goal was to control and enhance the overall integrity of the Ranch, his intention was to go slowly, accumulating parcel after parcel of land and then packaging the home sites for people who share in the desire to preserve the environment. The result is now a one-of-a-kind golf and residential community that maintains the essence of the Ranch.

During the entire development process, the Scofields have also made a conscious decision to maintain an agriculture component within the Ranch, which now contains about 150-acres of cherry trees, apple trees and grape vineyards.  Mary Pat Scofield, Jerry's wife, is most concerned with the image of the Ranch as well as the local community and is heavily involved with the Lake Chelan business community, serving on the Boards of the Wine Growers Association and the local hospital.  Mary Pat has also made contributions to the Ranch in the areas of Marketing and Public relations.

And now, the task has begun to implement Jerry's vision. As homesites are sold and new residents move into the community, Jerry and Mary Pat look forward to welcoming new neighbors who share their vision for the future of the property.